Key Points

  • Many things factor into the cost of HGH in the US.
  • All brands of HGH are the same prescription medication.
  • The cost of HGH varies by your dosage and the brand of HGH you are prescribed.
  • It can be unsafe, even fatal, to buy HGH illegally without a prescription.
  • There may be ways you can reduce your cost of HGH.

Many things factor into the cost of HGH in the USA.

If you are searching for HGH therapy in the USA, of course, the cost is a consideration. However, you should never base your decision on where to get your HGH therapy, or whether or not to take HGH if you need it based solely on the cost.

There are several reasons why prices for HGH in the US may be more costly than in other places, but the main reason is that ALL HGH sold legally in the US must be approved by the FDA and made in well-regulated pharmaceutical labs to exacting specifications regarding amino acid profiles and quality.

When discussing the cost of HGH therapy, it is always important to keep in mind the “costs” to your health of not having HGH therapy if you are HGH deficient. We will do everything we can to keep your HGH therapy affordable if you need it.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for HGH Therapy?

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is a very critical hormone for men. It regulates the health, healing, and regeneration of every cell in every tissue of your body. Once you are an adult, it is primarily responsible for helping you to burn fat and build muscles.

As important as HGH is for men, it is an unfortunate fact of nature that the level of HGH produced by your body dwindles as you age. Most men over 40 will begin to feel the effects of what our doctors refer to as “age-related growth hormone decline.” This loss of HGH as you get older can lead to weight gain, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and a wealth of other health problems, including an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Therefore, the ideal candidate for HGH therapy is men between the ages of 40 and 65 who are feeling tired, sluggish, experiencing sexual health issues, putting on weight even while exercising and eating right and who generally do not feel as young and vital as they used to be – or would like to be.

an ideal candidate for HGH therapy is a tired man between the ages of 40 and 65
hgh therapy will make your feel energized and young again

What Factors Influence HGH Therapy Cost?

Several things factor into the cost of HGH therapy.

First of all, the costs of the many different types, doses, and brands of HGH do not cost the same. Like in any other product for sale, the cost varies based on the brand. The main difference in the cost of prescription HGH for sale in the US is based on the delivery method. HGH is only given via injections. Less expensive brands of HGH use traditional needles; some of the more expensive brands use pre-mixed injectable pen-type devices.

Other things that can influence the cost of your HGH therapy include the following:

  • How long your therapy has been prescribed for
  • Where you get your HGH
  • Doctor’s visits and lab work
  • Cost of nutritional supplements and other ancillary therapies that may be included in your treatment plan
  • Your health insurance coverage

How Much Do HGH Injections Cost Per Month?

All of these brand names of prescription HGH are the same drug known as sermorelin. The brands and types of HGH differ only in the dosages available and the way they are administered. Some are available as standard reconstitute and mixable liquid injections. Others use injection pens/devices. The least expensive are the formulations that use regular syringes and needles. Lower doses of HGH cost less than higher doses.

The following chart compares the cost of the brands of HGH our doctors prescribe as well as generic sermorelin. Our doctors will always endeavor to prescribe the lowest dose and most cost-effective brand of HGH for your particular requirements.

Norditropin/Novo Nordisk FlexPro pen  5mg

FlexPro pen 10mg

FlexPro pen 15mg




Genotropin/Pfizer Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.2 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.4 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.6 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.8 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 1.0 mg






Zomacton /Ferring Vial 5mg

Vial 10mg



Generic Sermorelin Sermorelin Acetate 9mg/10ml Vial

Sermorelin Acetate 15mg/10ml Vial



*Prices are for comparison only and are subject to change without notice. See more prices for purchasing HGH.

How Much Does the Full Course of HGH Therapy Cost in the USA?

As you can see from the above comparison chart, depending on your dose and brand of HGH, a monthly dose of HGH costs anywhere from about $500 to over $3000. HGH is usually prescribed initially for a course of six months; therefore, in total, for your first course of HGH therapy, you could expect to pay in total anywhere from $3000 to over $20,000 for your HGH injections.

The following factors all impact the cost of HGH:

  • Your particular dose and prescription
  • Your symptoms and medical history
  • Your unique wellness goals and lifestyle

What About Black Market HGH?

HGH is only available for sale in the US with a legitimate doctor’s prescription. You may see products claiming to be HGH or contain HGH sold on the internet for prices considerably lower than you see on the chart on this page.

Do not be fooled by such products. Number one, it is entirely illegal to buy HGH on the “black market” without a legitimate prescription just to try to save money. But, not only is it illegal to do so, it can be quite dangerous or hazardous to your health – even fatal!

Such “cheap” or “black market” HGH is made in foreign labs in China and India; it has been illegal for over a decade to import HGH from China or India for legal sale in the US because such Chinese HGH has led to fatalities.

Making authentic HGH is a complex science; few labs in the United States, let alone unregulated labs in Asia, have the sophistication to get the exact amino acid chain right to create authentic sermorelin or “synthetic HGH.” The prescription sermorelin we sell is made by well-known pharmaceutical companies. It is made from recombinant DNA and is an exact duplicate of the HGH normally produced by your body. It is FDA approved and generally regarded as safe.

There is no such regulation on black market HGH. Not only is the amino acid sequence often “off,” these products have been known to be laced with other toxic fillers and chemicals.

Black market HGH should be avoided. At best, these products are low quality and not authentic HGH, so they are ineffective, and at worst, they could cause illness or even death. It simply is not worth the risk.

Furthermore, even if by some chance you should be able to obtain real HGH on the black market, taking it on your own without a doctor’s supervision can also be risky business. Even legitimately prescribed HGH can have some side effects; only a medical professional knows how to prescribe and monitor your HGH therapy for maximum effectiveness with minimal side effects.

black market hgh is dangerous
using black market human growth hormone may be dangerous

Are There Any Additional Costs Involved in HGH Therapy?

The total costs of HGH therapy will include more than just the monthly costs of your HGH injections. Follow-up doctor’s visits, lab work, and other adjunctive therapies may be part of your treatment plan.

If you are considering one HGH men’s clinic over another and comparing the overall cost of therapy, make sure you know exactly what they are including when you get their price quote. Another thing to keep in mind. If you are shopping for men’s HGH clinics, you may find some out there that are less expensive than ours. But, you should not pick an HGH doctor simply on price alone.

It is never a good idea to compromise on your health just to save some money. You may find a men’s health clinic that is cheaper than ours, but you would be hard-pressed to find one that is more experienced and with a longer track record of success than the HGH for Men Clinic.

Our doctors have decades of experience in treating men just like you with age-related HGH deficiency. We specialize in hormone optimization for men. We treat each of our patients as an individual and tailor your HGH therapy program to your unique needs and lifestyle.

Unlike other HGH clinics that take a “cookie cutter” approach to HGH therapy, we take a more precise and customized approach that takes all of your hormones into account, as well as diet, fitness, and behavior modification, so you can achieve optimal success on your HGH program.

We combine that with unparalleled customer service and responsiveness at every patient touchpoint, all so you can have an experience that is truly priceless – no matter the cost!

Get the Price of Your Treatment Plan

Contact us and our expert support team will come up with the ideal treatment plan for your that suits your needs and budget.

Why is HGH so Expensive in the USA?

HGH therapy can be a bit more expensive in the USA than in other parts of the world, but as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” When it comes to HGH therapy, “what you pay for” by paying a premium price in the USA is guaranteed safety and efficacy.

There are some places to “cut corners” and save money by buying copies, knockoffs, or cheap imitations of brand-name products, but your health is not one of them. Buying “cheap” HGH to save money – especially HGH on the black market that comes from India or China – can be hazardous to your health – even deadly!

Yes, you will pay a little bit more for the name brands of HGH you find listed on this page and that our doctors prescribe. But, you will be sure that you are getting the safest and most effective HGH on the market, which is made in well-regulated pharmaceutical labs by the top drug manufacturers in the world.

Why Get HGH Prescribed Online?

You cannot legally get HGH in the USA without a doctor’s prescription. You cannot legally purchase HGH online or anywhere without a doctor’s prescription.

The only thing you can do online is to start the HGH prescription process by contacting us. This is the first step – and the only step – to getting a prescription to legally buy HGH in the US, which can be done online.

Essential Steps to Get a Legal HGH Prescription From the HGH for Men Clinic

It is not hard to obtain all of the benefits of a legal and legitimate growth hormone therapy prescription from the HGH for Men Clinic.

Here is all you have to do:

  • Step 1 – Contact us.
  • Step 2 – One of our representatives will contact you to see one of our HGH doctors.
  • Step 3 – The doctor will take a complete medical history and conduct a full medical exam to evaluate your symptoms. Blood will be drawn, and your HGH level will be tested either on-site or sent to a lab for testing.
  • Step 4 – If your exam and bloodwork indicate you have age-related or adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, you will be given a prescription for a dose of HGH and a course of therapy that best matches your needs and lifestyle.
  • Step 5 – Your HGH prescription and injection kit will be sent right to your house.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cost of HGH in the US

While HGH therapy can be costly, it can actually save you money on future medical costs. Since your overall health will improve once you have completed your HGH therapy, you will likely save on other medical bills and prescriptions. Many men, after completing HGH, no longer need to take costly medications for erectile dysfunction, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Plus, the weight loss and overall improvements in health you will see from HGH therapy will likely mean fewer trips to the doctor over the months and years following your therapy.

There may be some ways to reduce your cost of HGH therapy. Depending on your symptoms, you may qualify for peptide therapy, such as ipamorelin therapy or sermorelin therapy. Your health insurance may cover some of the costs related to your therapy. You can also speak to your doctor about the least expensive brand of HGH we prescribe that will work for your symptoms. HGH, which is available in standard injections, as opposed to injectable devices like cartridge pens, tend to cost less per month.

HGH therapy has many benefits, but they do take time to develop. You will start to see improvements in your strength, sexual performance, and stamina within the first six to eight weeks of taking HGH. It takes the full course of six months to complete your HGH therapy and achieve all of the many benefits of HGH for men.

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