Key Points

  • HGH pens are a more convenient way to administer HGH injections.
  • All brands of HGH pens contain the same medication, sermorelin; they differ only in the dosages available and how the pen operates.
  • Generally speaking, HGH pens cost more than traditional HGH injections, but they are easier to administer.
  • You cannot buy an HGH pen in the US without a prescription.

Human growth hormone or HGH injections are prescribed to treat growth hormone deficiencies. A prescription is required for any type of HGH injection. HGH injections are prescribed in traditional syringes and liquid vials or, more convenient premixed HGH pens.

Are HGH Pens Better Than Injections?

It has to say if HGH pens are technically “better” than standard syringe injections for the delivery of growth hormone therapy. All types of HGH injections contain the same medication known as sermorelin. Sermorelin is a prescription drug that is a synthetic form of the HGH normally produced by your body. Sermorelin is made from recombinant human DNA, so it is biologically identical to the HGH made and secreted by your pituitary gland.

The different brands and types of HGH injections differ only in their available dosages and delivery methods. As to which is better, standard syringes or HGH pens, it really is a matter of personal choice and budget. HGH pens are an easier and more convenient way to deliver HGH into your bloodstream. However, HGH pens tend to cost more per month than traditional HGH injections.

The main advantage of HGH pens is that they are much easier to use and require far fewer steps than reconstituting a liquid vial of HGH and injecting it with a regular syringe.

Although some HGH pens require a cartridge that needs to be loaded into them, most HGH pens are disposable and come filled with your premixed prescribed dose of HGH.

Instead of the many steps that need to be done with injecting a liquid vial of HGH, patients using an HGH pen only have to check the pen to make sure there are no bubbles or dial in their dose and inject.

Getting used to using a vial and syringe requires a lot more steps and longer training. Because there are so many more steps, there is a greater risk of doing something wrong and ruining the sterility or otherwise compromising your injection.

Also, the idea of self-injecting HGH with an ordinary syringe can seem off-putting to some patients. The ease and simplicity of HGH pens cause less anxiety to people who have a “fear of needles.”

What Are the Benefits of HGH Pens?

Besides the advantages over traditional injections mentioned above, HGH pens have the same benefits as all HGH injections, which include the following:

  • Increased strength and energy
  • Improved sex drive and better sexual performance
  • Increased ability to burn muscle and improved ability to burn fat
  • Weight loss, particularly loss of belly fat
  • Improved sleep
  • Better moods
  • Stronger bones
  • Healthier skin and nails
  • Improved cognition and focus
hgh pens help improve mood in males
hgh pens help build strong and attractive body

Indications and Usage of HGH Pens

HGH pens are commonly prescribed as a form of growth hormone therapy for men. Most HGH pens are pre-measured disposable pens. HGH pens are indicated for the treatment of children with growth failure due to GHD, Prader-Willi syndrome, Small for Gestational Age, Turner syndrome, and Idiopathic Short Stature, and for adults with either adult onset or age-related growth hormone decline.

HGH pens for daily or weekly injections will likely be prescribed over the course of six months. Over that six-month period, you will slowly and surely start to see the benefits of HGH pens listed above, experiencing more benefits as the weeks and months progress.

Most of our patients using HGH pens go through their entire course of growth hormone therapy with few, if any, side effects. If you do experience any issues using your HGH pen, usually all that is required is to change your dose –which is easier when using an HGH pen than with traditional vials and needles. This is another advantage of HGH pens over traditional injections, as adjusting dosages is much easier because of the dial feature on the HGH pen.

HGH is injected into a muscle or under the skin. You will be shown exactly how to use your prescribed HGH pen. Do not begin use of your HGH pen if you do not fully understand how to use the HGH pen.

Please speak to your doctor or pharmacist or consult your HGH pen’s product information for complete administration and usage instructions.

How to Store HGH Pens

Consult the product information for your particular HGH pen prescription; however, generally speaking, pens (as opposed to vial injections) do NOT require refrigeration; this is another one of their advantages.

In addition, each pen is a preservative-free, pre-measured disposable pen that usually is packaged in a 7-day supply.

Which HGH Pens are Available From Our Clinic?

At our clinic, we prescribe the Norditropin FlexPro HGH pen made by Novo Nordisk and the Genotropin MiniQuick Pen from Pfizer. The injectable HGH pens we prescribe generally feature:

  • Dial-in dosing and a digital display so you can easily see your dialed-in dose
  • No vials to mix
  • Optional needle guard that keeps the needle secure and the HGH pen stable while using
  • Pen caps and covers can be customized with colors and designs to your liking.

We also provide Zomacton and generic sermorelin in traditional HGH injections. The prices can be compared on the chart below.

HGH Injections Prices at HGH Four Men Clinic

The following chart compares the cost of the brands of HGH pens our doctors prescribe as well as generic sermorelin.

Norditropin/Novo Nordisk FlexPro pen  5mg

FlexPro pen 10mg

FlexPro pen 15mg




Genotropin/Pfizer Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.2 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.4 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.6 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.8 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 1.0 mg






Zomacton /Ferring Vial 5mg

Vial 10mg



Generic Sermorelin Sermorelin Acetate 9mg/10ml Vial

Sermorelin Acetate 15mg/10ml Vial



*Prices are for comparison only and are subject to change without notice. See website for current pricing.

How to Get a Legal Prescription for HGH Pens?

HGH pens, like any HGH injections, are only available with a doctor’s prescription. It is illegal to buy an HGH pen or any product containing HGH without a doctor’s prescription; however, obtaining a prescription for an HGH pen from HGH For Men is not difficult; in fact, it only takes these few simple steps.

  1. Get in touch.
  2. See one of our doctors for a complete physical exam and hormone blood testing.
  3. If the results of your exam indicate that you are a candidate for growth hormone therapy, the HGH pen of your choice will be prescribed to you.

Your HGH pen and related supplies will be delivered to you.

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