Key Points

  • HGH therapy has many benefits for men diagnosed with age-related growth hormone loss.
  • The results of HGH injections take time to develop, but men can expect to see month-by-month improvements while on HGH therapy.
  • Only authentic HGH injections can provide life-changing month-to-month and long-term benefits for men.

For men who have been diagnosed with age-related growth hormone loss, HGH injections can have life-changing benefits.

Men who are over 45 and are suffering from age-related growth hormone deficiency can expect to see major benefits from growth hormone therapy. Human growth hormone, or HGH, is very important to a man’s strength, stamina, and overall wellness. However, like testosterone, your level of HGH wanes as you age. And also, like testosterone, age-related HGH loss can have significant negative impacts on your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Men experiencing age-related HGH decline:

  • Feel tired and have a lack of energy
  • Experience erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues
  • Have cognitive difficulties
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Are more prone to anxiety and depression

However, prescription growth hormone therapy can reverse or eliminate all of these issues and more!

How Will HGH Therapy Change Your Body?

HGH injections are usually prescribed for a six-month program. Over the course of those six months, your body will go through many changes – all taking you back to the man you once were, or always wanted to be.

As the HGH level in your bloodstream directly increases from HGH injections, your body will slowly but surely react to the increased presence of HGH. Over the course of your six-month program, many changes to your body will take place that will improve both your physical and emotional health.

The primary physical change that HGH will stimulate is an improved ability to burn fat and build muscle. This will result in weight loss as well as increases in strength and stamina. Other physical changes will include improved sleep and increased sex drive, and improved sexual performance. Since HGH also improves metabolism, you will feel more energetic and lower your risk of metabolic conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Emotionally you feel more on an even keel after a few months on HGH. You will also see improvements in focus and cognition, which can lead to improved job performance.

How Long Does it Take to See the First Results from HGH?

If you follow your doctor’s instructions and take your HGH as directed, you will see remarkable results. However, you must be patient. Our patients on HGH receive many life-changing benefits. However, those benefits take time to achieve. HGH therapy is given over the course of six -months. It takes time for your body to get used to the increased presence of HGH and the positive reactions are cumulative.

In other words, you will see some changes within the first month of therapy, and those improvements will slowly build and build until you have gotten the full benefits of HGH therapy by the end of your six-month program.

The Month-by-Month HGH Therapy Results for Men

The very nature of HGH therapy is designed to be “titrated.” This means your doctor will start you out at a minimal dose of HGH in the beginning and slowly increase your dosage to allow your body to get used to the new levels of HGH and help you achieve optimal results.

Many patients see improvements within the first weeks of taking HGH. In those first few weeks, you will see improved energy and improved sexual health. Here is a month-by-month breakdown of the kinds of results men can expect over the course of their six-month program of HGH therapy.

human growth hormone therapy boosts energy in men
human growth hormone therapy helps increase sex drive in males

HGH Results After One Month

After being on HGH therapy for one month, you should start to see improved energy and stamina. Sexual performance will improve as well as mood and cognition.

HGH Results After Two Months

Once you are into your eighth week and beyond of HGH injections, now is when you will really see your results ramp up. Energy and stamina will continue to improve as well as sex drive and sexual performance. Into your second month, you will begin to see results in the mirror as you lose weight, slim down, and tone up. Your skin and hair will appear healthier, stronger, and more youthful. You will probably see improvements in vision and a better “metabolic profile” with lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

HGH Results After Three Months

After taking HGH shots for three months, you will quite literally look and feel like a new man. You will have more lean muscle and less fat; your bone density will improve to where you will be more flexible and have less joint pain. Exercise capacity will increase, as will focus and concentration.

HGH Results After Four Months

As you complete the fourth month of HGH therapy and enter the fifth, you will see further increases in exercise capacity and greater improvements in your overall outlook on life and your physical wellbeing. You will be getting much better sleep, which will help you to keep the gains you made. At the end of month four and into month five, you will be significantly stronger and more vital than when you started your therapy.

HGH Results After Five Months

In month five and into month six, you will have entered the time of your peak results of HGH. You will be as different from when you started therapy as you were from a child to a teen. At this stage of your therapy, you can expect to see:

  • Overall improvement in body composition and appearance.
  • Significantly more lean muscle mass.
  • Increased metabolism, even when at rest.
  • At least a 10% overall reduction in body fat and a 10% increase in lean muscle mass.
  • Significantly improved vitality, energy, and stamina.

HGH Results After 6 Months

After six months of HGH therapy, you will have achieved optimal results. You will now be able to do more and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. All of the symptoms that drove you to seek treatment will have been significantly reduced or totally eliminated. Now, you will be shown to maintain your results through nutritional, lifestyle and fitness counseling.

Long-Term Results of HGH Therapy

The long-term benefits of HGH therapy for men are many. Overall, HGH therapy will improve your quality of life and help you to age optimally and keep doing all the things that you love as you get older.

The physical changes will help you live longer by reducing your risk of obesity, heart disease, and other life-threatening conditions. Stronger muscles and bones will reduce your risk of osteoporosis and osteoporosis-related fractures.

Improvement to cognition that will let you continue working longer if that is your wish and help you to stave off dementia. The improvements to your emotional health and your sex life will improve your relationships and help you enjoy time with your partner more.

hgh therapy is beneficial for osteoporosis in the long-term usage

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Is injectable HGH the Only Way to Get Such Results?

While there might be some other ways to boost HGH levels, you can only achieve these kinds of life-changing results from genuine growth hormone therapy.

Forget the claims you read online or advertisements you may see in muscle magazines about products claiming to be HGH boosters or HGH supplements. Most of these products are combinations of proteins and amino acids, which may be able to raise your HGH levels to some degree, but certainly not to the extent of authentic growth hormone injections. These pills, powders, and the like, do not, and cannot by law, contain any actual human growth hormone. Authentic HGH is ONLY available with a doctor’s prescription.

Particularly if you have been diagnosed with age-related growth hormone deficiency, the only way to get the dramatic and long-lasting befits we discuss on this page is with prescription HGH injections.

Real Stories of Our Patients

“I was having some trouble in the bedroom. But I couldn’t take Viagra or any of those other medications because I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I heard something on the radio that said ED could be related to hormones and that HGH therapy could be a good alternative to oral ED meds for men like me who could not take them. I started shopping around for an HGH doctor in my area, and the best reviews all pointed to HGH for Men. After six months working with the doctors here on my HGH therapy program, not only are my issues with ED gone, my diabetes and high blood pressure are under better control!``

Stephen C.

“Here’s the thing, I never thought that I would have to hit the dating scene again in my 40s and after 20 years of marriage. But what can I say? Stuff happens. But the years had not been too kind to me, and when I looked in the mirror, I didn't feel confident enough to ‘get back out there after the divorce. I tried diets and exercise, but nothing worked. I just couldn’t lose the “dad bod,” no matter how hard I tried. I saw an ad about 'age-related HGH loss,' and it described me exactly! I followed up with HGH for Men, and boy, was I happy I did. It’s been four months now, I’m dating again, and I totally have my confidence, and my physique back!”

Mark G.

“Basically, I thought I just had to accept that I was no longer the man I was now that I was over 50. I was always pretty active, running, tennis, biking, and I thought I was never going to be one of those older guys you just see shuffling along at the supermarket. But, once I was over 50, it all seemed to change at once; I just did not have the strength and energy to do those things anymore. I was getting depressed; my work was suffering, I was on a downward spiral to a friend told me about HGH and the HGH For Men Clinic. Man, was I glad he did. HGH has changed my life. I am back to doing all the things I loved, I look great, I feel great, and my wife is very happy with the new me – in every way!”

Michael W.

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