Low energy in men can lead to chronic fatigue and severely impact job performance and your overall quality of life.

So how do we define low energy in males?

You may be considered to be suffering from low energy if you seem to feel tired or worn out, or run down on a daily basis. You may have a chronic lack of energy if you find yourself unable to finish even simple physical tasks without feeling exhausted or wiped out.

Other symptoms associated with low energy or chronic fatigue in males could be:

  • Feeling sleepy or even nodding off during the day
  • Having trouble focusing, concentrating, or other cognitive difficulties
  • Feelings of depression and low motivation

What Causes Low Energy in Men?

Low energy in men can have any number of causes. Something as simple as the everyday stress of adult life can sap your strength and energy. However, if you are experiencing a long-term lack of energy or chronic fatigue, there is likely something more than stress as the cause.

It is easy for men to feel overwhelmed or tired every day. With job pressures, relationships, perhaps parenting issues, and financial pressures, it is not unusual for most men to feel wiped out at the end of the day.

However, constant low energy levels, such that it is causing problems in your daily functioning or your ability to enjoy life, likely have some other root cause and is something you may want to see your doctor about.


Lifestyle and behavioral issues can lead to low energy levels in men. How much sleep you get, the foods you eat, your level of fitness, and the amount of exercise you do can all impact your energy.

Beyond that, there can be medical or biological issues that could lead to lack of energy in men. At the most basic level, you get your energy from your cells converting the fats and proteins in the foods that you eat into fuel. This is what is known as “metabolism.” So, any disease or medical condition that impacts or slows your metabolism can lead to chronic fatigue.

Metabolic conditions that can drain a man’s energy include diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Hormones also play an important role in cellular metabolism; in particular, testosterone and human growth hormone are instrumental to the processes of how your cells make and use energy and build and power your muscles.

Low testosterone and/or age-related growth hormone deficiency are common causes of low energy in males.

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How Can You Improve Your Energy Levels?

Depending on the reason for your chronic fatigue or lack of energy, you can take steps to boost your energy levels. Fatigue is most often the result of lifestyle issues such as lack of exercise and a poor diet that can be fairly easy to improve.

Regular exercise can make a big difference in boosting your energy levels; getting your blood moving with even as little as 20 minutes of vigorous walking a day can improve energy levels, but the more you exercise, the better your energy levels will improve.

As far as diet goes, a diet high in fat and junk food is an energy killer. Instead, consider a “heart-healthy diet” one rich in fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, lean protein, and plenty of water; not only can it help prevent heart disease and help you lose weight it can give you much more energy. A better diet will also decrease your risk of diabetes and other metabolic conditions that can sap your strength and energy.


Other ways to improve energy levels in men include:

Taking nutritional supplements – Taking certain nutritional supplements such as magnesium, has been shown to raise energy levels.

Get a good night’s sleep – It may seem obvious, but not getting enough sleep leads to low energy and daytime fatigue. It’s important to get at least seven hours of restful sleep per night. Also, you may need to see a doctor or sleep specialist to rule out any sleep disorders such as sleep apnea as the cause of your lack of energy.

Eat a healthy breakfast – Studies have shown that eating a heart-healthy breakfast sets you up for a more energetic day.

Reduce stress – Stress, anger, and excitement are energy killers. Take measures to reduce stress in your life. Try yoga, Tai Chi, or other relaxation techniques.

Reduce alcohol consumption – Alcohol may seem to help you fall asleep, but it is not restful sleep. Alcohol can also cause dehydration which can rob you of your energy.

Have your hormone levels checked – Hormone imbalances such as low testosterone and lower than normal levels of human growth hormone (HGH) can cause lack of energy in males. If you are experiencing the symptoms of low energy mentioned above, you should have your hormone levels checked.

How Can a Hormone Imbalance Affect Your Energy?

There are two hormones intimately related to energy levels in men – testosterone and human growth hormone. Both of these hormones play a vital role in metabolism, strength, and your ability to build muscle.

Testosterone is the most important male hormone. However, testosterone levels decrease as a man ages. Most men between the ages of 40 and 65 will experience some degree of low testosterone. Low testosterone in men can lead to fatigue directly because of the way low testosterone can slow your metabolism. Low testosterone also can impact a man’s energy levels in some indirect ways. Low testosterone can cause depression, it can make you gain weight, and it can cause sexual performance issues – all of which can also impact your energy levels in a negative way.

Similarly, human growth hormone or HGH also drops as a man ages, and growth hormone decline can also cause fatigue, obesity, and decreased energy levels in men.

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Boost Energy in Males?

If you have had your hormone levels checked and you are indeed diagnosed with low testosterone or lower than normal HGH levels, hormone replacement therapy can absolutely boost your energy levels.

In fact, even men who have come to our clinics without lack of energy being their chief complaint report improved energy levels as one of the very first benefits achieved within the first few weeks of being on hormone replacement.

Besides improving your energy levels, hormone replacement therapy for men also:

  • Improves sex drive and sexual performance
  • Improves memory and cognition
  • Improves sleep, which further enhances energy
  • Helps you to build lean muscle
  • Helps you lose weight

How Can I Get a Prescription for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Getting a prescription for hormone therapy for men is easy. You only have to follow these few simple steps:

  • Get in touch.
  • See one of our doctors for a complete physical and blood work.
  • If your medical exam and lab tests result in a diagnosis of hormone imbalance, you will be prescribed a course of testosterone replacement and/or growth hormone therapy to meet your needs, symptoms, and lifestyle.

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