Genotropin is a prescription drug used to treat patients who are not producing enough human growth hormone (HGH) on their own.

Growth hormone replacement therapy is prescribed for men, women, and children who have been diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. All HGH injections are the same medication, a synthetic form of human growth hormone known as somatropin.

There are several brands of somatropin available from various pharmaceutical companies. Genotropin is made by Pfizer and is one of the most popular brands of HGH injections prescribed at our clinic.

Details on How We Prescribe Genotropin Therapy in Our Clinic

Genotropin is one of the most prescribed and trusted forms of growth hormone therapy we prescribe at our clinic. It was one of the first synthetic versions of HGH approved by the FDA and has been prescribed for patients for almost 40 years.

Genotropin, like all forms of the prescription medication somatropin, is a man-made version of the HGH normally produced and released by your pituitary gland. Genotropin is made from recombinant human DNA, so it is chemically identical to the HGH normally produced by your body.

Genotropin was first developed as a drug to help children who were not growing properly due to growth hormone deficiency reach normal stature. Since then, it has also been prescribed extensively, as we do at our clinic, to treat adults with “adult-onset” or “age-related” growth hormone deficiency.

to get hgh prescribed you must visit a doctor
in our clinic we prescribe trusted forms of growth hormone therapy including genotropin

What is Genotropin Prescribed For?

HGH therapy with Genotropin is quite safe and effective. At the HGH for Men Clinic, Genotropin is usually prescribed for a course of six months. Over the course of those months, you will gradually see more and more benefits of Genotropin therapy.

Genotropin is indicated for use in children who have failed to achieve age-appropriate growth milestones. It can also be prescribed for patients suffering from “muscle wasting” conditions such as HIV/AIDS. It is also prescribed for adults who are suffering from adult-onset growth hormone deficiency due to a childhood GHD that has persisted into adulthood or for age-related HGH decline.

The common form of Genotropin prescribed is the Genotropin® MiniQuick, which is an HGH delivery device in the form of a pen.

The daily dosage of Genotropin® varies by your age, weight, and the condition it is being prescribed for. The weekly dose should be divided into 6 or 7 subcutaneous injections.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Genotropin Therapy?

The ideal adult candidate for Genotropin therapy is usually a man between the ages of 40 and 65 who has been diagnosed with age-related growth hormone loss.

Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) is a recognized medical condition. GHD in adults often is the result of an untreated or poorly treated GHD that persists from childhood. However, it can also develop in adulthood without any previous history of GHD. Such cases are usually the result of the normal decline of HGH as we age, and, thus, are referred to as “age-related growth hormone deficiency.”

Genotropin has been proven to be quite effective when prescribed for adults – particularly men – who are diagnosed with age-related growth hormone decline.

The symptom of adult-onset or age-related growth hormone deficiency include:

  • Chronic fatigue and a lack of energy
  • Sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of lean muscle
  • Increased feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Cognitive difficulties, including memory issues
genotropin can help improve sexual performance and prevent problems in bed
GHD may lead to sexual health issues

What Results Should You Expect After Genotropin Therapy?

HGH is a critical hormone for men; however, your level of HGH declines as you age. This can lead to age-related or adult-onset growth hormone deficiency (GHD.)

The recommended treatment for growth hormone deficiency is prescription growth hormone injections such as Genotropin. The treatment guidelines all suggest that Genotropin therapy improves the quality of life of adults with low levels of HGH by:

  • Reducing fat and improving body composition
  • Increasing lean muscle mass
  • Increasing exercise capacity
  • Improving muscle strength and bones, thereby lowering the risks of osteoporosis and osteoporosis-related fractures.

Other documented benefits of Genotropin therapy for men include:

  • Reduction of symptoms of erectile dysfunction
  • Increased sex drive
  • Improved mood
  • Improved memory and focus
  • Improved skin and hair health
  • Improved lipid profile, including a reduction in triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol

The guidelines for prescribing Genotropin, state that the risks of dangerous side effects associated with Genotropin therapy are low when compared with Genotropin’s benefits. Prescribing information also suggests that Genotropin therapy works best when dosages are tailored to a patient’s unique needs and lifestyle, as we do at our clinic.

Almost all of our Genotropin therapy patients go through the course of the six-month program of Genotropin injections with few if any side effects. If any side effects or issues arise, these are usually easily mitigated by simply adjusting your dose of Genotropin.

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How Much Does Genotropin Therapy Cost?

All of the brand names of prescription HGH are the same drug known as somatropin. The brands and types of HGH that we prescribe at our clinic differ only in the dosages available and the way they are administered.

Genotropin is prescribed and sold as the MiniQuick Pen. MiniQuick is a type of drug injector pen or medication pen. Such pens have been developed as a simpler, safer, and more efficient way to self-inject medications. Drug injector pens like the Genotropin MiniQuick contain a cartridge that is premixed to your exact dose of the drugs, eliminating any mixing or dosing errors.

The cost of Genotropin MiniQuick at our clinic is as follows:

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.2 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.4 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.6 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.8 mg

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 1.0 mg






How to Start Genotropin Therapy at the HGH for Men Clinic?

Like all HGH injections, Genotropin is a controlled substance; therefore, you cannot start Genotropin therapy without first getting a prescription for Genotropin. However, getting a prescription for Genotropin at the HGH for Men Clinic is not difficult.

  1. Fill out our online appointment request form.
  2. See one of our doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapies for men.
  3. Have your hormone levels checked with a simple blood test.
  4. If your results indicate that you would benefit from a prescription for Genotropin, it will be prescribed for you, and your Genotropin starter kit will be delivered right to your home!

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