Genotropin is a synthetic version of human growth hormone made from recombinant DNA. Genotropin is FDA approved for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency. However, like any prescription drug or medical procedure using Genotropin is not without the risk of some side effects.

Any risks or potential side effects of Genotropin injections can be avoided by only using it with a doctor’s supervision and completely following your doctor’s instructions for use.

Key points about genotropin side effects and risks_1Risks Associated with Genotropin Therapy

The prescription medication, Genotropin, is manufactured by Pfizer. Like all prescription HGH injections, it is a form of somatropin. Somatropin is synthesized using recombinant human DNA. The amino acid sequence of the product is identical to that of the human growth hormone normally produced by the pituitary gland. Therefore, Genotropin is safe and well tolerated, still it does have some potential risks and side effects.

However, most of the time that individuals experience issues with Genotropin is when they are taking it incorrectly or using it illegally without a doctor’s supervision. Genotropin, like all HGH, is a controlled substance and is only legally available with a doctor’s prescription. The best way to avoid or minimize Genotropin side effects is to only use it with a legitimate doctor’s prescription and how it has been prescribed for you.

What are the Most Common Side Effects of Genotropin?

According to Pfizer, its manufacturer, Genotropin®:

  • Should not be used to extend stature in children once their bone growth plates have sealed.
  • Genotropin should not be prescribed for people with diabetes or who have certain complications of diabetes, such as diabetes-related vision problems.
  • Caution should be used when prescribing it for certain cancer patients, as HGH can stimulate tumor growth.
  • Caution should be used when prescribing Genotropin for any critically ill patients who are being treated for or recovering from trauma, surgery, severe illness, or respiratory disease – it is not recommended for such patients.
  • Genotropin is not recommended for use in children with Prader-Willi syndrome who are obese or who have respiratory issues.
  • Genotropin should not be taken by any patients who have had allergic reactions to somatropin or any of the other ingredients in Genotropin®.

Some potential common side effects of Genotropin include:

  • Redness or swelling at the injection site
  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding, scarring, lumps, or rash.
  • Weight loss
  • Headache
  • Blood in the urine
  • Decreased thyroid activity
  • Slight increases in blood glucose levels

Get a Legal Genotropin Prescription

Get a legal prescription for Genotropin from our professional endocrinologists online.

What are the Rare Side Effects of Genotropin?

Some of the less common or rare side effects of Genotropin include:

  • Bone or skeletal pain
  • Burning, numbness, pain, or tingling in all fingers except the pinky finger
  • Chest pain
  • Depressed mood
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Feeling cold
  • Hair loss
  • Hoarseness or husky voice
  • Slowed heartbeat
  • Swelling of the ankles

How to Prevent or Reduce the Side Effects of Genotropin

Most of our patients go through their course of Genotropin injections with few, if any, side effects. If they do experience any side effects, those can usually be mitigated by simply adjusting the dosage of the delivery method of Genotropin.

The best way to reduce or eliminate the potential risks and side effects associated with Genotropin is to only use it as it has been prescribed for you.

It is totally illegal to use Genotropin or any HGH without a doctor’s prescription. Most of the time that anyone experiences any dangerous side effects from Genotropin, it is when they overdose because they have obtained it illegally and are using it without authorization or proper medical supervision.

Why Is It Important to Get Legal Genotropin?

Genotropin, like all HGH, is only available with a doctor’s prescription. If you buy and use it illegally on the “black market,” you are increasing your risk of dangerous, even fatal side effects by 100%.

If you buy Genotropin illegally, it is unlikely that you are getting the true authentic brand name product that has the correct amino acid sequence that is safely identical to natural HGH. That right there makes using any black-market Genotropin inherently riskier than getting it from legitimate sources.

Not only could such illegal “fake” Genotropin not have the correct molecular structure of the authentic brand name product, but it could also be laced with any number of additives or unknown hazardous toxins.

All of the HGH that you can buy illegally without a prescription has been manufactured in foreign labs, usually in India or China, where there are little or no regulations. It has been illegal to import and sell HGH from India or China into the US for many years.

Furthermore, even if, by some chance, the Genotropin you purchase illegally without a prescription is the real product, taking it without a doctor’s supervision is quite foolish and dangerous. Prescribing HGH is a precise science. Getting the dose right and carefully monitoring you, and adjusting your dosage as necessary over the course of your treatment plan are essential to mitigate side effects and maximize results.

Legal Genotropin For Sale

Where Is the Best Place to Purchase Legal Genotropin?

You cannot purchase actual Genotropin online or anywhere else in the US without a doctor’s prescription; doing so is not only illegal, it can be hazardous to your health. Any product claiming to be Genotropin or contain Genotropin that you can purchase without a prescription – is a fake and should be avoided at all costs.

Also, authentic Genotropin, as manufactured and distributed by Pfizer, is only sold in a patented, brand-name injectors known as a Miniquick® pen, Genotropin® Multiuse Pen, or standard mix-and-use syringes.

Any product sold any other way that claims to be “Genotropin,” and that is not branded as a Pfizer product is not authentic Genotropin.
If you are seeking a prescription for Genotropin, you can use the “contact us” feature on this page to schedule a consultation to see if you qualify for a prescription for Genotropin.

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