Here, we explore how we use Norditropin for therapy in our clinic to enhance men’s physical, mental, and sexual health. Learn how to get prescribed Norditropin and the health benefits you can expect to experience.

Details on Norditropin therapy in our clinic

norditropin_structure_1Pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk, headquartered in Denmark, manufactures and distributes Norditropin in the United States. Norditropin is among the most popular formulations of somatropin, the synthetic lab form of recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH).

Research documents Norditropin’s effectiveness for treating growth hormone deficiency (GHD) as well as its considerable safety profile. It’s safe and effective for most men with diagnosed GHD.

The FDA fully approved Noridtropin for the treatment of GHD over two decades ago. Since then, millions of patients worldwide have received hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with Norditropin with consistently positive outcomes.

What is Norditropin prescribed for?

Norditropin is primarily prescribed as a frontline treatment for human growth hormone deficiency (GHD).

The benefits of Norditropin for HGH-deficient men range from mental (improved memory) to physical (more muscle and less fat) to cosmetic (healthier, younger-looking hair, skin, and nails). The biggest, best-documented benefits of Norditropin for men include:

  • Improve mental health and reduced the incidence and/or severity of anxiety and depression
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Weight loss, especially around the abdomen (aka beer belly)
  • Lean muscle mass gain
  • Improved endurance and overall cardiovascular function
  • Optimized cognition, focus, and memory
  • Fuller, longer sleep via optimized circadian rhythm
  • Stronger, healthier hair, nails, and skin

The benefits accrue slowly over time, with maximum health impacts occurring usually around the one-year mark.

Norditropin therapy also reduces the risk of chronic illness for men with certain risk factors by improving blood sugar levels, lowering blood pressure, improving endothelial (blood vessel lining) integrity, increasing nitric oxide (NO) production, and controlling blood lipids (aka cholesterol).

The use of FDA-approved somatropin formulations like Norditropin for men with diagnosed HGH deficiencies is backed up by significant research, like this study. Noriditropin is available as an injection pen, which the researchers found was preferential for patients: “85% preferred the convenience of using the new liquid form of hGH. Our results indicate that liquid hGH has similar efficacy to that of powder hGH, but its improved convenience may have a beneficial effect on patient compliance.”

Another study published in Patient Preference and Adherence concluded that “Norditropin NordiFlex is reliable, safe, and easy to use and most study patients preferred it to their previous device. These characteristics may improve the adherence to GHT.”

(GHT stands for growth hormone therapy.)


The Novo Nordisk FlexPro (pictured above) is particularly popular among men receiving HRT, which comes in concentrations ranging from 5 mg/1.5 mL to 30 mg/3 mL.

When should men consider Norditropin therapy?

Norditropin therapy is exclusively reserved for men with diagnosed HGH deficiencies based on blood testing. Taking Norditropin without the supervision of a doctor, or in the absence of a genuine deficiency, is dangerous.

So, the first rule for men considering Nortidtropin therapy is to seek expert guidance like that provided at HGH For Men Clinic – it’s affordable and convenient, as you can meet with your doctor online from the comfort of your home or office.

Consider seeking hormonal healthcare if you experience any of these symptoms associated with HGH imbalance:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cold sensitivity
  • Loss of libido (sex drive)
  • New or worsening anxiety or depression
  • Weight gain (especially around the midsection)
  • Muscle loss
  • Impaired sleep (HGH deficiency can disrupt the circadian rhythm)
  • Poor memory, concentration, or mood

As you will note, the above symptoms are non-specific – meaning that they can indicate any number of potential health conditions. Doctors without a background in hormones frequently overlook the classic signs of HGH deficiency.

So do your due diligence and consult with the experts at HGH For Men Clinic, who are experts not only in identifying and treating GHD, but also in diagnosing it accurately when other healthcare providers have failed to properly investigate.

Based on the ease of use factor cited in studies above, compared to other somatropin medications, Norditropin is particularly beneficial for men who have a phobia of needles.

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Who shouldn’t take Norditropin?

Not all men should receive Noridtropin through therapy. Those not eligible for HRT with Noridtropin are men who:

  • Have a history of diabetes
  • Have a history of cancer
  • Have experienced past trauma
  • Have struggled with breathing issues

Side effects associated with Norditropin are rare and usually mild, such as a rash at the injection site and headaches. Most side effects can be mitigated or avoided altogether with simple adjustments to the protocol under the advisement of your doctor.

Some other medications are known to interact negatively with Norditropin. Fully disclose all your current medications to your doctor during your consultation to eliminate the risk of negative interactions with other medications.

What to expect after taking Norditropin?

Our patients frequently offer their feedback after receiving HRT with Norditropin. We consistently hear inspiring success stories, often detailing life-changing benefits from HGH therapy. Let’s explore a few case studies.

This is what Jordan, 52, says about his experience:

``The short version of the story is that I started gaining weight, especially around my belly, and my energy levels tanked. My diet hadn't changed much in decades, and I generally eat well. I'm active. Still, the weight gain became more and more of a problem.
My wife thought it might be a hormone thing after going through menopause herself. I eventually made an appointment with HGH For Men Clinic and came in. They ran some tests and I got the message that they had discovered an HGH deficiency. They started me on Noriditropin and… wow! My weight stabilized and my energy rebounded. It was truly impressive.
I still don't know exactly what caused my HGH deficiency (I had some head trauma back in the day but the doctors didn't find any physical damage in an MRI). But regardless, what's important is that I've gotten my life back, which I'm grateful to HGH For Men Clinic for providing.``

Jordan, 52

Patrick, 56, says:

``I've spent a lot of money – thousands of dollars – over the years on different supplements like Cialis and ExtenZe to try to boost my sex drive. Sometime around age 40, my libido diminished and I also struggled with erectile dysfunction. I knew it might be a hormone issue, but I got tested for testosterone levels and they were in the normal range (not ideal but not clinically deficient).
So I gave up on the hormone tangent for a while until my friend told me about HGH in casual conversation. I did some research and found out that HGH actually plays a key role in male reproductive health.
I saw the folks at HGH For Men Clinic, we did some investigations, and found low HGH. They started me on Norditropin right away, and the rest is history. My sex life is totally restored and I feel like a new man.``

Patrick, 56

And Pat, 63, a CrossFitter, shares his experiences with Norditropin:

``I've been into CrossFit since the early 2000s, way before it caught on the popular culture. I've always prided myself on physical fitness, and have always made an effort to stay in shape.
Things started going south for me about 5 years ago when my performance was really lagging. I got a few wrong diagnoses from doctors, tried out some supplements, and other interventions that failed to produce any good results.
That's when a colleague told me his story, which sounded a lot like mine – impaired performance, chronic tiredness, etc. He had been diagnosed with HGH deficiency and put on Norditropin a year before, and had reported excellent results.
I gave Norditropin a try after getting diagnosed myself through HGH For Men Clinic. It's worked wonders. I can't recommend highly enough for any man who struggles with hormone issues.
The bottom line is that I'm big on results, and Norditropin gave me the results I hope for and then some. So it was definitely a good investment.``

Pat, 63

Is Norditropin legal in the US?

Norditropin is legal for use in the US for the treatment of GHD. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves and regulates Norditropin.

The critical caveat is that it’s only legally available for men who have a valid prescription provided by a licensed medical provider.

Purchasing and using any HGH product without a prescription, not under the care and supervision of a doctor, carries significant personal legal and health risks.

How to receive Norditropin therapy in HGH for Men Clinic?

We have streamlined the process to obtain legal, high-grade Norditropin for men who visit our clinic. The essential process works like this:

  • You reserve an exclusive one-on-one appointment with one of our in-house hormone specialists (a kind of doctor called an endocrinologist)
  • In your consultation, our expert doctor reviews your medical history, physical and mental health symptoms, etc.
  • Your doctor orders blood testing to measure your current HGH levels
  • If the test comes back to indicate growth hormone deficiency (GHD), we develop a treatment plan using Norditropin
  • You get your prescription and fill it at one of our recommended online pharmacies
  • Noridtropin is delivered to your door if you order online
  • Therapy begins, with periodic check-ins to monitor progress and ensure optimal outcomes

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