This patient resource explains the details of Omnitrope therapy as performed in our clinic. Read on to discover how to get prescribed and how your body will benefit after Omnitrope 5.8 mg Vial.

Quick information about Omnitrope

Omnitrope is one of the flagship products manufactured and distributed in the US by the Swiss-based firm Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals.

Omnitrope was granted full FDA approval for the treatment of adult growth hormone deficiency (GHD) in 2006 and has been widely used in the last sixteen years throughout the US and abroad. The approval followed the 505(b)(2) pathway of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA).

The most popular form of Omnitrope comes in a 5.8 mg vial.

But injection pens are also popular. In 2008, Omnitrope rolled out the Omnitrope Pen 5 and 10 with liquid cartridge, a handheld, portable device that facilitates easier, more pain-free injections in a single package, as opposed to the vial and syringe, which contain more components and require more assembly.

Omnitrope has undergone considerable clinical study, including use in multiple phase III trials that consistently show substantial benefit to patients with adult-onset GHD. We will examine some of those studies below.

Why is taking Omnitrope beneficial for men?

GHD affects a large portion of the adult male population, and is unfortunately underdiagnosed. HGH levels decline with age, so older men above 40 are at particular risk of developing GHD.

Because GHD symptoms often are non-specific and resemble symptoms of other chronic health conditions, doctors often overlook GHD in men, leading to incorrect diagnosis and ineffective treatments.

The symptoms of GHD in men include:

  • Anxiety, depression, and related mental health conditions
  • Low energy (chronic fatigue)
  • Body fat buildup (in particular, visceral fat)
  • Loss of lean muscle mass (sarcopenia)
  • Loss of bone mass (osteoporosis)
  • Insulin resistance (metabolic dysfunction)
  • Low libido (sex drive)

The documented benefits of Omnitrope (somatropin) for men with diagnosed GHD correspond to many of the symptoms and are several. They include:

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Stronger bones
  • Improved skin, hair, and nail appearance
  • Boosted metabolism (for greater fat-burning)
  • Slowed aging
  • Faster, more complete recovery from athletic performance

The changes in men’s physical appearance alone are enough to get excited about.

before and after photo
omnitrope helps boost muscle growth

Several studies have confirmed the beneficial physiological effects that Omnitrope exerts in adult men when administered as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

For instance, in one study published in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, the researchers concluded that:

“The results of this interim analysis show that Omnitrope® is well tolerated in Italian adults with GHD… this preliminary analysis shows that, as with other rhGHs, treatment with Omnitrope® is well tolerated in adult patients with GHD in routine clinical practice, with no confirmed relationship with the development of diabetes, no occurrence of malignancy or other additional safety issues. This analysis also confirms the effectiveness of Omnitrope® for the treatment of adults with GHD.”

Other studies examined the safety and efficacy of Omnitrope in American patients and discovered approximately the same results. The safety and efficacy profile of Omnitrope is well-established.

There has been speculation for some time over the potential for synthetic, exogenous HGH to induce diabetes in patients that receive it. This has been a cause for concern among many patients and their healthcare providers.

A longitudinal (long-term) observational study published in BMC Endocrine Disorder found that there is no clear risk to patients of developing diabetes following HRT with Omnitrope:

“The latest data from PATRO Adults confirm that Omnitrope® treatment is tolerated in adult patients with GHD in a real-life clinical practice setting. Consistent with previous experience with rhGH, there have been no signals of an increased risk of diabetes mellitus and glucose metabolism disorders associated with Omnitrope®.”

However, caution is warranted for men who already have diabetes, as the condition is a contraindication (see section titled “Who shouldn’t get Omnitrope prescribed?” for more details.)

How to know if Omnitrope is right for you?

Men need circulating HGH levels of 0.4-10 ng/mL for optimal health. A large and underserved portion of the adult male population in the US suffers needlessly from an undiagnosed growth hormone deficiency (GHD).

The only definitive diagnostic method for GHD is blood testing. This can include blood testing for HGH levels, and sometimes an HGH stimulation test.

If test results show a deficiency, you are likely a good candidate for Omnitrope therapy (with important caveats that we’ll explore in the next section).

blood testing is needed for GHD diagnosing
HGH is prescribed to men with growth hormone deficiency

Who shouldn’t get Omnitrope prescribed?

Men with diagnosed diabetes or cancer should not take Omnitrope as it can cause complications. Certain medications might interfere with Omnitrope, potentially leading to negative side effects.

Medications that Omnitrope might interact negatively with include:

  • fludrocortisone
  • cortisone
  • deflazacort
  • prednisolone
  • hydrocortisone
  • budesonide
  • dexamethasone
  • methylprednisolone

The above list of medications with which Omnitrope interacts is not exhaustive. Always disclose your full medical history and all medications you are taking to your doctor before beginning therapy. This will eliminate the risk of any serious complications arising from therapy.

Is Omnitrope therapy legal in the US?

Omnitrope is fully legal to purchase and use, as long as the patient has a legitimate prescription issued by a licensed healthcare provider. The Omnitrope available through HGH For Men Clinic is regulated and vetted by the US Food and Drug Administration.

As Criminal Defense Lawyer explains, though, selling, buying and using HGH without a prescription, through the black market, is risky, including, potentially, prison time:

“Jail or prison sentences for steroid crimes differ widely. A conviction for a misdemeanor possession crime, for example, could result in a prison sentence of up to a year in jail, while a felony possession charge could last for a year or more, and possibly much longer. Convictions for distribution, sale, or possession with intent to sell could result in prison sentences of five years or more.”

As long as you go the legal route, through HGH For Men Clinic, you have nothing to worry about from a legal perspective.

How much does Omnitrope therapy cost?

Of course, one of the first questions that patients have regarding Omnitrope is the cost. The good news is that therapy is increasingly accessible and affordable for a wider swathe of the public, even if you are constrained by a small budget.

The exact cost of Omnitrope therapy varies from patient to patient, depending on the method of delivery, the dose of Omnitrope, the duration of treatment, and other unique factors.

The cost of Omnitrope varies slightly over time, but a 5.8 mg/vial bottle – like this one available through HGH For Men Clinic – generally costs around $500.

Legal Omnitrope For Sale

Since most therapeutic protocols call for daily injections of 0.15 – 0.3 milligrams, that means that a 5.8 mg vial should roughly last 17-33 days.

In general, on average, HGH replacement therapy will cost about $600-$1,500 per month.

In total, most patients end up spending a total of $7,000 from start to finish.

Here are the different costs that are factored into the final equation:

  • Diagnostic work
  • Initial consultation
  • The cost of Omnitrope
  • Related supplies such as syringes and/or injection pens
  • Ongoing clinical evaluation
  • Final consultation

How to get Omnitrope prescribed in HGH For Men Clinic?

You need to go through a licensed provider like HGH For Men Clinic in order to get a legal prescription for Omnitrope. In addition to black market HGH being illegal, as we explored in a previous section, it’s also dangerous for your health.

As the World Health Organization (WHO) has documented, one in ten medical supplies imported from foreign manufacturers is either fake or substandard. They often contain harmful added ingredients that cause severe side effects.

We make the process of getting prescribed Omnitrope as easy as possible. Here’s how our streamlined process works:

  • You make an online appointment to consult with an expert endocrinologist (hormone doctor)
  • We review your medical history, symptoms, and current medications to determine if you are a candidate for HRT
  • If a hormone deficiency is suspected, we will order blood tests to measure your HGH levels
  • If the lab tests show low HGH levels, we diagnose you with growth hormone deficiency
  • In consultation with your doctor, your medical team develops a unique therapy plan to safely and effectively achieve elevated HGH levels
  • Therapy begins, with scheduled injections of Omnitrope and regular follow-up consultations to monitor progress and ensure your safety

What results will you get after Omnitrope therapy in our clinic?

Here are the consistent results that Omnitrope therapy from HGH For Men Clinic provides to the men who visit our clinic, backed by scientific research:

  • Increased lean muscle mass. Packing on and maintaining muscle is often difficult for aging men. Age-related loss of muscle mass, a condition in which HGH deficiency is implicated, is called sarcopenia. HGH helps to maintain muscle mass by boosting protein synthesis and other metabolic mechanisms.
  • Increased bone density. Like muscle mass, bone density is often associated with aging. Age-related loss of bone density associated with HGH deficiency is called osteoporosis.
    Research published in the medical journal Growth Hormone & IGF Research conducted an analysis of the efficacy of exogenous HGH (such as Omnitrope) for preventing and reversing osteoporosis:

“When substituting GH in patients with GHD, bone turnover is increased and bone mineral density initially decreases during the first year due to the increase in remodelling space… Treatment of osteoporosis with GH might be beneficial due to the increased bone metabolism and improved bone geometry which occurs with GH.”

These are just a handful of the many beneficial impacts of Omnitrope therapy. Talk to your doctor to learn more about how it might improve your own quality of life and slow down the effects of aging.

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