key points about sermorelin results in menSermorelin therapy for men has some remarkable before and after results.

In certain qualifying men, sermorelin therapy can be a viable and lower-cost alternative to growth hormone replacement therapy.

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is a very vital hormone for men. In fact, next to testosterone, it is probably the most important hormone to a man’s strength, stamina, and sexual health.

Like testosterone, a man’s level of HGH declines as he ages. This can lead to what doctors refer to as “age-related” or “adult-onset” growth hormone deficiency. In most cases, the recommended treatment for age-related HGH loss is growth hormone injections. However, depending on the degree of loss and your diagnosed HGH level, you may benefit from sermorelin therapy. For men that qualify, sermorelin therapy can provide the same kind of month-to-month benefits as HGH.

Sermorelin is part of a group of compounds known as secretagogues. These biological compounds, closely related to hormones, stimulate the “secretion” of specific hormones. In the case of sermorelin, it is a prescription drug that exactly mimics the action of naturally occurring Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide or GHRP that stimulates your body to make and release human growth hormone (HGH).

Depending on how low your HGH levels are, sermorelin therapy alone may be enough to bring them back up to the normal ranges. Many of our patients who present with the symptoms of age-related HGH deficiency can benefit greatly from sermorelin injections.

What are the Benefits of Sermorelin for Men?

For men that qualify, sermorelin therapy has many of the same benefits as HGH injections. That means men taking sermorelin should expect to see:

  • Increased energy
  • Improve ability to burn fat and build muscle
  • Fewer problems with erectile dysfunction and improved sex drive
  • Weight loss
  • Improved moods
  • Improved ability to focus on cognitive tasks
  • Stronger bones and decreased joint pain
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Better sleep
  • Increased exercise capacity
  • Better overall outlook on life and improved total wellbeing
sermorelin boosts energy in males
sermorelin promotes weight loss in men

Who should consider taking Sermorelin?

Men who are over 40 and exhibiting the symptoms of age-related growth hormone deficiency should consider speaking to their doctors about sermorelin therapy. The symptoms of age-related HGH decline include the following:

  • Lack of energy
  • Weight gain, particularly belly fat
  • Loss of lean muscle
  • Erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues
  • High cholesterol
  • Hair loss
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Memory loss and cognitive difficulties

If you are a man between the ages of 40 and 65 and experiencing any of the above, you could possibly benefit from sermorelin and should consider sermorelin injections. However, only your doctor can make that determination.

Sermorelin vs. HGH Therapy: Which One to Choose?

The choice of whether to take HGH injections or sermorelin therapy really is not yours to make. HGH and sermorelin have many, if not all, of the same benefits for men suffering from age-related growth hormone loss, but only your doctor can tell which one is right for you.

If you do qualify for sermorelin therapy based on your medical history, physical exam, and blood work, you can achieve most of the benefits of HGH replacement at a significantly lower monthly cost.

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What to Expect After Sermorelin Therapy?

Sermorelin injections have been well-researched and have been shown to have many positive results for overall health and wellness. Many studies have found that in the men that qualify, sermorelin therapy can be extremely effective in treating age-related growth hormone loss.

Sermorelin is an FDA-approved prescription medication used to treat adult-onset growth hormone deficiency by stimulating your body to make and release more of its own growth hormone. Depending on the extent of your HGH loss, this boost in production by your own pituitary gland may be all it takes to slow or even reverse the worst symptoms of age-related growth hormone deficiency.

Here is what just a few of our patients have to say about the positive results they achieved on sermorelin therapy.

eric s_review“I reached that age where I just did not like how I felt or looked anymore. I did not like the paunchy and out-of-shape-looking guys staring back at me when I looked in the mirror. I was winded after just climbing a flight of stairs; my knees ached, I was irritable. I was becoming that ‘old man’ I never thought I’d be. My regular doctor said maybe I should get my hormones checked, and recommended HGH for Men. I came here for a consult, and all I can say, six months later, after a program of sermorelin, I’ve got my energy, my strength, and my love of life back!” Eric S.

gregg p_review“I was not feeling well. I was gaining weight even when working out, I felt irritable, and even my love life was going downhill. I had heard about HGH loss in men my age and the benefits of HGH injections, but when I started looking into it, I said, ‘I can never afford that!’ Then I heard about some kind of lower-cost alternative at the HGH for Men Clinic, and man, was I glad when I found out I qualified for this sermorelin stuff. Now, I am feeling better and better every month at a price I can afford! You really should look into this – it works!” Gregg P.

henry f_review“I started taking sermorelin last year. You could say I suffered from all of the classic symptoms of HGH loss, like fatigue, joint pain, ED; you name it, I had it! I also was getting a spare tire around the middle that I just could not get rid of. But, after just three months of sermorelin shots, everything started to change. My energy level went up, my weight and my waistline went down, and even my love life improved. Thank you, HGH for Men, for discussing all of my options, helping me to understand, and being there with me throughout this journey. I am a new man thanks to you!” Henry F.

Sermorelin Results Timeline

As you can see from the testimonials above, sermorelin therapy can have some remarkable before and after results for the men who qualify. Here is a month-by-month breakdown of the kinds of benefits you can expect from sermorelin therapy.

After 1 Month

One of the first things men notice within the first month of being on sermorelin is increased energy and improved sex drive and sexual performance. You may start to notice some weight loss at this time.

After 2 Months

As you enter and complete the second month of sermorelin injections, your energy and sexual stamina will continue to improve, but now you will also start to notice some significant increases in strength and muscle tone as well as more considerable weight loss.

After 3 Months

After about three months of taking sermorelin injections, your physical strength and stamina will continue to improve, but now you will also start to see noticeable changes in your mood, focus, and cognition as well. Your moods will be better, you will be less irritable, and your ability to complete complex cognitive tasks will improve. Hair health will improve, and if you have been losing hair, you may see renewed hair growth. Joint pain and systemic inflammation will be reduced.

After 5 Months

By the time you enter and complete your sermorelin therapy after 5 to six months, you will see significant before and after results. You will hardly recognize yourself as the same person you were before you started therapy. Just take a look at these actual before and after pictures of our actual patients. Like them and all of our sermorelin patients, by the time you finish your course of therapy, you will have more energy, increased strength and stamina, and an overall better outlook on life!

How to start Sermorelin Therapy in HGH for Men Clinic?

To see if you too can benefit from the many life-changing benefits of sermorelin therapy at the HGH for Men Clinic, all you have to do is:

  1. Contact us.
  2. See one of our HGH doctors for a complete physical exam and for bloodwork to have your HGH levels tested.
  3. If the results of our exam and lab work indicate you are a candidate for sermorelin therapy, your sermorelin prescription will be provided to you.
  4. Then, your sermorelin starter kit will be sent right to your door, and you can start to experience the remarkable benefits of sermorelin therapy for men.

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